Work for Culligan, a worldwide leader in water treatment.

Why Work for Culligan? 

Culligan is an industry-leading water solutions provider with a worldwide presence. Known as the water experts for over 80 years, we pride ourselves on offering water treatment products that provide our consumers a better lifestyle and also help to preserve the environment.

In addition, Culligan believes in giving back to the community. We feel that as an international company it is our duty to be a leader in social responsibility. That is why we are involved in both local community projects and international clean water initiatives.

Culligan Careers

Culligan Employment Opportunities

Route Driver

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Deliver company product to customers, including regularly scheduled and add-ons according to company guidelines via company vehicle
  • Regenerate tanks when not delivering products
  • Ensure customer has properly functioning equipment in reasonable sanitary condition & adequate supplies for product usage
  • Provide excellent service to all current & potential customers
  • Collect monies due on customer accounts, handle money responsibly and turn in all funds collected
  • Minimize, through proper sales & service, the number of customers who cancel their service
  • Prepare, complete, maintain & safeguard all paperwork regarding customer accounts
  • Operate company vehicles safely and report all maintenance issues immediately
  • Maintain a neat, clean, professional appearance & demeanor
  • Wear & properly maintain company uniform
  • Keep facility, vehicles, property, stored products and trash cleaned up
Customer Service Bottled Water:
  • Pleasantly greet customer
  • Replace empty bottles & rotate stock
  • Check empty bottles for damage or contaminants. Advise customer if any are unacceptable
  • Make sure a fresh bottle is on the cooler
  • Check stock on cups & make sure all dispensers are full
  • Check cooler & drip tray for cleanliness, wipe down cooler if needed & empty drip tray
  • Give receipt to customer & mention extra services you did for them (cleaned cooler, put on fresh bottle, filled cup dispenser) If you do not mention it they won’t notice.
  • Let them know when you will be back and offer additional bottles in spring & summer months. Also, if customer is frequently running out before delivery, extra bottles are critical
  • Thank them for their business
New cooler accounts:
  • Deliver coolers to businesses & homes
  • Deliver initial inventory of water, cups, cup holders and other products
  • Review all paperwork with customer
  • Review SCOPE
    • S-Service-Explain complete service, including how often we deliver, where to keep empties & how to contact us
    • C-Calendar-review with customer
    • O-Operation-explain operation of cooler, including how to maintain and sanitize it
    • P-Payment-How customer is charged and any charges to lost or damaged bottles
    • E-Everything water-explain all of the uses of bottled water and reverse osmosis options available to consider in the future
  • Coolers should always be transported upright. They need to be installed a few inches from the wall to allow for ventilation
  • Let some water flow through each faucet before the unit is plugged in. Instruct customer how to install bottles
  • Clean drain receptacle
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What Clients Say
Over the years, I have had such good experiences with Culligan! From help with an existing system in a previous residence, to my most recent experience with an install of a new softener and reverse osmosis system, every staff member that I've had interactions with has been friendly, courteous, and helpful. Customer service is clearly a priority. It is so refreshing to be able to be confident that any one in that company will take the time to answer questions or help. From the time of my first inquiry email to the actual install of my new system, not even a full week went by. Steve, and then both Jeremy and Tony, took the time to answer my many questions and make sure I was comfortable with everything. I highly recommend!!
Culligan Customer
- Culligan Customer